Safety on The Job

Our invaluable team is what sets Rylko apart from the pack— and we understand that nothing is more important than keeping both our employees and the community members around our sites safe. Rylko employees at every level are trained in rigorous safety procedures that ensure our job sites remain accident-free and accessible for our team, our clients, our subcontractors, and the public at large. In service of our “zero accidents and injuries” goal, we’ve put extensive policies in place in our Safety Handbook to maintain a safe and orderly atmosphere at all job sites.

Safety begins with our hires. A thorough screening process for new employees helps us recognize like-minded individuals who will fit our culture of prioritizing safety above all else. Our orientation and ongoing training programs ensure that all measures are up-to-date even as codes and regulations change. Superintendents are required to complete a mandatory 10-hour OSHA training program to better equip themselves and the teams they oversee. Rylko’s pre-planning process includes an extensive look at safety measures before each project begins, and meticulous job site inspections continue throughout the course of the project to ensure that the site is up to our standards at every stage.

Ensuring safety on the job is an objective the entire Rylko family shares. We believe that we can only deliver a truly accident-free environment with the help of every Rylko employee, which is why we take extra precautions to make sure the entire team is deeply invested in our goal. Employees take an active role in preventing issues, planning, and implementing new safety measures within their project teams. Teams are commended and rewarded for their exemplary safety skills, inspiring others to follow suit across the entire company. Job safety is truly a collaborative effort, and we consider it to be the most important project we take on as builders.