Job Summary

Completing a remodel while the space in question is occupied is no easy feat—in fact, Bailard’s Senior Vice President Steven Hibshman aptly described it as “operating on a walking patient”. When mismanaged, the result can be disruptive, slow, and messy. But when storied wealth and investment management firm Bailard realized this was what was required for an upcoming remodel, they knew there was only one design-build firm they would trust to undertake such a challenge: Rylko.


After a period of growth, Bailard discovered that their existing executive area, kitchen, and breakroom were no longer serving their employees as well as they could be. New executive offices were needed, as well as a larger kitchen/breakroom area with enhanced functionality, and modern, upgraded LED lighting. The problem? The company’s fast-paced business could not afford to put work on hold while these upgrades were completed. Rylko was brought in to make the improvements while the office remained operational, without disturbing workflow or distracting employees.

Coordination and communication were of the utmost importance in ensuring as smooth a process as possible. Schedules were determined on a three-week-ahead basis, allowing plenty of time to coordinate with all personnel and work around any existing commitments. A significant portion of the work was completed outside business hours to accommodate the needs of the clients, meaning that late nights, early mornings, and weekend work were all part of the schedule—just one fact that demonstrates Rylko’s client-first approach and commitment to going above and beyond.

Once the new floor-plan with additional executive offices and an enhanced kitchen area was complete, custom millwork and finishes had to be installed to match the existing high-end look of the offices. In the end, Rylko was able to deliver an incredible remodel without disrupting Bailard’s important operations—and earn a client for life.

I am left in awe of how Rylko Builders could match our floors and finishes to make the remodel look like it was always here and fit in perfectly with what we had before. This was no small feat given our special limestone tile floor and cherry wood trim and doorways. All of the contractors and Rylko staff have been very courteous and respectful of our space and staff, and some of them now feel like members of [our] family.”
Steven Hibshman