Electronic Vehicle Manufacturer

Job Summary

Automotive companies intuitively know a thing or two about speed. But when you’re our confidential electric automotive manufacturer client founded back in 2009 with the goal of leading the charge against mankind’s reliance on fossil fuels, you know that speed isn’t the only factor that matters. Forward-looking, visionary, and adventurous—those qualities are just as important as “fast”. (And often, they’re even more important.) So when the vehicle manufacturer needed to develop offices for their growing Web Services division, they turned to a company that could match their need for speed, creativity, vision, and user friendliness: Rylko.


Things often move quickly in Silicon Valley, but for our client, timing was everything. Ramping up to their first full year of production, the company required a comprehensive office build-out. From pre-construction to completion, the Rylko team stepped in to become a one-stop shop for all of their needs. Services ranging from design-build and mechanical, to electrical, plumbing and life safety were all handled internally to expedite the project and keep the tight timeline on track.

Of course, a company as creative and forward-thinking as this electric vehicle manufacturer needed an office that spoke to its core values. Mirroring the rugged yet refined look and feel of a top-of-the-line electric vehicle, Rylko designed a space rooted in industrial design: open ceilings, polished concrete floor and exposed ductwork. Materials were thoughtfully sourced to align with the brand, while also keeping availability top-of-mind in light of the aggressive timeline.

To encourage the collaborative atmosphere that’s key to their success, Rylko created modern and welcoming break areas, huddle rooms, and common areas. At its core, the office fosters creativity and outside-the-box thinking—a necessity for a company that is already changing the industry, and has its eye on the autonomous vehicle market. From start to finish, Rylko was able to build out the complete 22,000 square-foot environment to be move-in ready in a timeline of just 13 weeks—made possible, in part, by Rylko’s permit expediting services. With the space completed in record time, the design-build journey has come to its end...but for our client and their employees, the adventure within the new space is just beginning.