Job Summary

Since its inception in 1995, Lovesac has positioned itself as the anti-furniture company. The brand’s “sacs” and “sactionals” are synonymous with adaptability, creativity, and innovation— qualities that their San Francisco Centre location needed to embody. Rylko was called in to help complete the overhaul and bring the Lovesac spirit to life.


Even within its small, 1066 square-foot space, the San Francisco Centre Lovesac store needed to encourage shoppers to lounge around. This required precise planning to allow for the brand’s oversized foam sacs, as well as their system of modular, interchangeable “sactionals”. With so many different configurations to explore, the store needed to have as much floor space as possible to accommodate ever-changing arrangements. Rylko demolished the existing storefront and created a surprisingly spacious alternative that accommodates dual entrances.

Over the course of eight weeks, Rylko worked closely with San Francisco Centre to ensure a smooth and seamless process from start to finish. Sleek and stylish finishes were installed, allowing the brand’s offerings to really shine. The store was fitted with wood flooring and custom millwork to neatly display the entire range of products within its limited square footage. Finally, high-end brickwork upgraded the exterior façade, bringing a bold and unconventional pop to the store’s appearance— a perfect way to reintroduce shoppers to the offbeat, rebellious brand on (re-)opening day.