Job Summary

Pandora’s cult-favorite jewelry is always in high demand— so when it was time to upgrade their existing storefront at San Francisco Centre, closing for the duration of the remodel wasn’t an option. Rylko’s team not only created a new storefront befitting the brand’s signature designs, but also helped relocate the existing store to a temporary location to ensure that shoppers could get their Pandora fix throughout the renovation.


As a jewelry company, Pandora understands that appearances matter— and their San Francisco Centre location was due for a makeover. The remodel of the 622-square-foot sales floor began with a thorough gutting of the existing space, but not before Rylko helped the store’s operations relocate to their temporary home in just two days— a task that required coordination with vendors on both sides of the project.

This makeover, however, wasn’t just a superficial one. Behind the scenes, an entirely new control system was installed to meet San Francisco Centre's evolving standards for mall tenants. Other significant changes included raising the storefront to 12’ 6”, and surrounding the new façade with Corian cladding. In just six short weeks, Pandora was returned back to its former—but completely transformed—location, having undergone a very fashionable upgrade.

Conscientious and client-focused service.
Scott Woosley, Store Design & Construction Project Manager, PANDORA