San Francisco Centre Concourse Restroom

Job Summary

A restroom that accommodates more foot traffic than the San Francisco Airport needs to seamlessly combine utility and style. The new San Francisco Centre concourse restroom does just that— thanks to a complete transformation by Rylko.


San Francisco Centre is one of the most sought-after shopping destinations in the United States, and as such, it welcomes millions of visitors annually. Rylko was tasked with creating a new, modern restroom that would easily handle the mall’s constant flow of visitors, while also introducing a more streamlined, sophisticated layout.

The existing restroom was completely demolished to create the new floor plan, the centerpiece of which is a shared sink that unites the two sections into one cohesive space. High-end finishes, such as durable terrazzo floors and imported Italian wall tiles, bring a bright, sparkling appearance to the high-traffic area. Stainless steel stalls complete the look, resulting in a space all San Francisco Centre visitors can utilize.