Job Summary

Rylko was entrusted with helping bring Suite 545 of the historic Hamm’s Brewery Building into the modern moment, creating a space befitting the Bay Area’s most pioneering tech companies. With a tight budget and even tighter schedule, the coworking workspace company Knotel turned to Rylko to get their 15,000 square-foot space ready for its new tenants.

Knotel’s coworking clientele consists of tech-savvy entrepreneurs and budding self-starters alike—both demographics who expect the most from their shared workspaces. Knotel’s suite at 1550 Bryant needed Rylko’s help to get up-to-par before opening its doors to new tenants—but because Knotel’s business model relies on having tenants already working in-place to generate revenue, the timeline for finishing the space was tight.

Rylko oversaw the addition of carpeting, paint, electrical, and millwork to the large suite, which consists of predominantly open workspace with multiple conference rooms, collaborative spaces, pantries, and standalone phone booths scattered throughout. Even with the brief 8-week project timeline, Rylko completed the job to a T—even receiving zero contract-driven change orders after completion.


Thanks to Rylko’s team, the space is now ready to welcome a fresh crop of enterprising tenants. “Working with Rylko Builders was a top-notch experience,” says Knotel Project Manager Kyle Edward. “Nate, Dave, and JP were an amazing team to work with—Their communication skills, flexibility, and attention to detail were what made them such a great pick for our project. Everything turned out beautifully and we were more than happy with their service!”