Tech Industry Suite Remodel

Job Summary

The client for this project is a rideshare industry company whose image is synonymous with timeliness, trust, and dependability. For this suite remodel, they sought out a design-build firm that would mirror their own values and be able to deliver a labor-intensive renovation within a tight timeline, without sacrificing quality, results, or budget. Of course, Rylko was the obvious choice for a demanding project like this one, where there was zero room for error or delay.


The newly completed suite needed significant remodeling to fit the client’s needs—and time was of the essence. Architectural, mechanical and electrical changes all needed to be undertaken to get the space up to the level of functionality required by the client, and so it was immediately clear that the schedule would be rigorous.

From the start of the pre-construction process, Rylko acted as a true team player to coordinate among the various parties involved. Rylko partnered with the client’s facility and IT directors to obtain the necessary information and requirements, then expedited the engineering drawing process to ensure they’d be in-hand and ready for permit applications. Rylko’s longstanding relationship with local Building and Fire Departments helped ensure that all necessary permits would be approved quickly and efficiently, so project construction could begin ahead-of-schedule...leading to an earlier completion date for the clients.

Throughout the project, collaboration was a key component to achieving success. Within the Rylko team, close partnership with subcontractor teams made the process seamless inside and out, while frequent updates to all stakeholders with current completion date projections and schedule adjustments made it possible to complete the renovations in record time—doubly impressive, considering the tight schedule that was communicated at the offset. “Rylko Builders exceeded all our expectations in providing a quality product,” says the Direct of Facilities working on the client’s side. “They’re great communicators and excellent builders, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.”